AKA -Congraulate

AKA -Congratulate 
Kerinan Refiloe Forbes, born on January 28,1988, goes by the name we know as AKA- a South African rapper from Cape Town. AKA started his career off in 2002 as a member of Entity. Shooting to the top, they were nominated for their hit “Touch N Go” in 2005 for The Best African Hip Hop Award in The KORA award show. Although rapping seems to be his passion, AKA study sound engineering in school because that’s where his heart reside. With a successful production company, he then decides that he would take a shot in a solo career. That shot took him so far as to winning: Best Newcomer, Best Hip Hop and Best Produced Album for The Metro FM Awards for his debut album “Altar Ego”- dubbing him as the ” Prince of South African Rap.” It didn’t take long to see that his talents were worth keeping in the hip hop industry when he recently dropped his second album. What’s funny is that we find many talented artists like AKA, fall off after their first album because the second one wasn’t a great as the first one. Opening up for Kanye West , Snoop Dogg,and now even signed to Song Music, we see that AKA has a long history ahead of him. 

     His song “Congratulate” comes off his second album entitled “Levels.” Listening to the song, you may just that he’s talking about his success on getting a record deal with Sony Music and the fact that he’s grateful from where he’s came from to where he is now. He talks about how he struggles throughout his life and the sacrifices, he has made to enjoy where he is now and to be happy and to live a great life and how he wants to live. 
I had to pay dues, had to make moves on faith. Even got booed off stage.Trying to put food on plate

 This set of lyrics illustrates how he allow himself to do whatever it took , to make the best of life regardless of what others thought. He had a dream and now he’s living of. Despite him being booed off stage, we can now congratulate him on his record deal and the fact that he’s been awarded so much in this industry. I would definitely recommend this song because it’s a great song and if you don’t have it on your sound cloud or playlist , it should be.

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