Ahmed Santa

Ahmed Santa is an influential artist coming from the Cairo region of Egypt. Ahmed is already very well established within Egyptian music culture given his extensive discography of well-received albums, singles, and music videos. Ahmed’s musical style and approaches have an up-beat trap auto-tune influence that resembles the likes of American artists French Montana and Travis Scott. Ahmed introduces a poppy multi-faceted Hip-Hop style accompanied with authentic and well-timed adlibs that resemble the likes of the Migos. The element of music consistent with Ahmed Santa’s music resembles a trap, rhythm, and blues styles of Hip-Hop that I delivered in the Arabic language with short streaks of English. This truly makes Ahmed Santa’s Hip-Hop style unique which is why the rapper so easily resonates with a wide variety of audiences. This is partially why Ahmed Santa has been one of the main artists at the forefront of Egyptian Hip-Hop culture over the past several years. Ahmed’s musical content has a heavy emphasis on fast-paced witty lyrics, this is best displayed in one his most popular tracks titled “Oghnya Old-school Gdeda”. In this track we hear the rapper declare his claim as one of the best rappers in Africa as a whole, he backs his claim by littering the track with gritty high-level lyricism that could convince any audience that the rapper was not just being boastful.  

Recently rapper Ahmed Santa was involved in a large music performance sponsored by “Red Bull” dubbed the ‘Red Bull Mat El Kalam’ which translates to “conversation has died.” This is one of the biggest rap conventions that occur in the world in an effort to celebrate and highlight the younger generation’s role in popular culture within the arts in Egypt. Ahmed Santa speaks a great deal about the community efforts within his music and his participation in this event further emphasizes his feelings regarding the matter.  

Ahmed’s latest single released at the beginning of February titled “Awel Gawla” has been receiving large amounts of attention lately as it has almost amassed “two-hundred thousand” YouTube views in just two short weeks. This demonstration of his musical success is a heavy indication of his potential to cross over into the mainstream rap industry. This year has the potential to be the rapper’s most successful and influential year to date if this trend of popularity remains consistent.  

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Instagram: ahmedsantaa

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