Afro b- Condo

African native musicians have been and are currently taking the world by storm with their personal renditions of keeping the African culture alive and well spread; despite their physical distance from the actual continent. Afro B is one of many artists greatly influenced by the culture of African art forms which makes the African feel of his productions undeniable. Afro B is a British DJ, Song Writer, and Singer born in South London to Ivorian parents. In his recent single featuring T-Pain, “Condo”, the influence is seen all throughout the sound of the production as well as the designs incorporated into the video. Before any lyrics are actually spoken, one can almost immediately sense the Afrobeats vibe.

Afro B is no stranger to the recent Afrobeats style of music. His hit single, “Joanna” also used a very similar beat style which really put Afro B on the map in regards to his contribution to the “Afrobeats movement”. One of the first shots in the video features the artist, Afro B, draped in what seems to be an modern day African printed sweat suit attire. The clothing featured in this music video is without a doubt inspired by the kente/dashiki fabric that is very popular throughout Africa. By incorporating both styles of fashion, a modern sweat suit and African prints, emphasizing the blending of the two cultures that Afro B is greatly a part of and so effortlessly able to blend. All the fashion choices throughout the video seemed to be intentionally chosen in order to continue that African feel. The women were in bikinis and short shorts like most music videos but they were sure to include the African prints. This is yet another example of including something that the UK culture may be use to but including slight African influences. Even the dance moves included in the video were reminiscent of African derived moves either simplified or altered to fit within the UK standard or just the modern world in general.

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