African Diaspora

David Orobosa Omoregie is a London-based artist and rapper. Though British, Dave comes from a Nigerian family that immigrated to the UK in the early 90s where he was later born. Daves’s recent releases have gained large popularity garnering a huge following. Dave uses his rap to convey his Nigerian heritage, often incorporating Nigerian “lingo.” As a result, Dave has managed to cultivate a community of British-Nigerian following that connect on a shared experience. Dave’s popular single “Heart Attack” explores the nuances and difficulties that come with being a British-Nigerian Rapper. In the song, Dave raps “Go back to your country? This is how it affects real people.” Dave is alluding to the racism that permeates the UK. His decision to incorporate those verses into his music came from a conversation with his mother and her experience with anti-immigration rhetoric in the UK.  Dave argues that it is important for people to hear this because the pain is real and negatively impacts good people like his mother. He has since received backlash from the UK community being accused of being “part of the problem.” Yet, Dave seems to be one of the very few rappers of his age range highlighting the racism and xenophobia that many immigrant families experience. Dave’s music serves as a revolutionary act against the social systems and structures that impact the lives of much British-Nigerian youth. As a result, many people across different cultures and ethnicities can connect to the first-generation experience and find community and support in the raps. This is imperative in cultivating a strong support system all connected through the medium of music. Ultimately, Dave is single-handedly changing the landscape of rap. His music encompasses the struggle and triumphs of African children and their experiences with the western world. 

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