Abyusif is a rising Egyptian artist coming out of the Zamalek region In Cairo who is currently dominating the underground rap scene in Egypt due to his unorthodox Hip-Hop approaches that mirror those consistent in alternative rock, heavy metal, and emotionally vulnerable music. Abyusif’s musical background is heavily influenced by his time spent as a drummer in a heavy metal rock band which occurred during his initial years as a music artist. Abyusif sets himself apart from traditional rappers as a whole due to his unique mix of Hip-Hop of and rock-influenced sound that he has made extremely popular within the area of Egypt. This is evident by his ability to amass millions of views on several music videos time and time again on YouTube which greatly sets him apart from his contemporaries. The lyrical content consistent throughout his songs display his depth, emotional vulnerability, and lyrical expertise. This is evident on his newest track titled “8/8/G” particularly when the artist stated, “This time I mean every word I write ask me if you are crazy, my response will not make a difference there are voices in my head but normally I know how to shut it up”. This clear display of alternative themes and musical approaches is not traditionally popular within the Egyptian Hip-Hop scene, which makes Abyusif’s ability to maintain and accelerate popularity within the region extremely impressive as he has solidified his market and lane in Egyptian Hip-hop. The rapper’s latest video is a perfect display of this notion, Abyusif just released his “8/8/G” music video a little under two weeks ago and has already almost amassed four-hundred thousand views on YouTube and pushed him to almost one-hundred thousand YouTube subscribers. If the rapper continues this trend of success, it is very likely we see Abyusif make a mainstream international crossover.  

Instagram: @abyusif_

Twitter: @Abyusif_

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