A review on M3nsa’s ” No one Knows”

In M3nsa’s song, “No one knows tomorrow”, he basically discusses the uncertainty of life. The message of the song is no one knows tomorrow. He promotes positivity in this song, stating that we should cherish what we have while we have it. He briefly points out that people are different and that the slightest things can set people apart. M3nsa also encourages people to fulfill their dreams and build a legacy around those dreams. He also mentions the pride he has for his heritage and how his ancestors watch over him. He mentions that people try to control their lives by predicting what will happen next. He talks about how he wants people to remember him and “sing his name ” when he passes on. M3nsa mentions how people should leave behind all of their pain and sorrows and live in the moment.

In the second verse of the song, M3nsa mention how people shouldn’t have to wait for their lives to get better. He also mentions how people find ways to escape when life gets hard. He adds to this statement by saying that life will get better after all of the pain and bad times go away.He also mentions how procrastination is pointless and how nothing gets done because of it. Through effort, we can make the best out of our circumstances. M3nsa uses analogies such as ” the sunshine comes after the rain” to validate this point.

Personal Critique

The song has a very upbeat feel to it. The acoustic instrumentals and the vocals are refreshing. It is unique in comparison to other Ghanaian hip hop songs. The message is positive and uplifting, which I consider important, especially in relation to the youth of today.



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