A Little Love Song


Macky 2 is a Zambian Hip Hop artist, that seemed to have the top hits on an American web browser search for “Hip Hop in Zambia.” Macky 2’s video with the most hits on YouTube, aside from a new music video he was featured in a month ago, is one for his song “So Much More.”  The video’s icon has an enticing image of  a large ocean, blue mountains in the background, two people sitting in each other’s arms, and white letter’s that spell out “Macky 2.” One person is definitely Macky 2 and the other, sitting in between his legs, is a woman. They both have white clothing on that does well to heighten the beauty of the background and themselves.

As the video starts you hear the rush of the ocean and see several scenes of Macky 2 and the women. This song is in English, and you see that they are on a date on the beach with wine and Macky 2 mainly sings about her in the scenes when he is just featured. This is clearly a love song. There are scenes of both of them clearly being in love, Macky 2 alone, and the woman taking various beautiful poses. Macky 2 sings about her, rather than to her, to invite the public to understand how amazing this woman is. He really does not mention anything about her physical beauty, and I think that is the point of the song. He talks about liking the way she carries herself, how the world is better with her, and how she can trust him. A lot of what he says about loving her can be considered cliché love song lines. Towards the end of the song he switches out of English and the clothes transition with it into more traditional Zambian clothing. A bilingual song with a universal message anyone can understand no matter what language you speak. The message is obvious, and the music is upbeat which is understandable why Macky 2 is dancing the entire time. Although the lyrics are cliché, it does not take the typical route of simply being in love with a woman’s body or good looks. It is not nuanced, but I think people really enjoy something light and fun to listen to, which is why it does not need to be in order to achieve the level of popularity it has on a YouTube search of the artist.  

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