a hit for the summer

As the weather gets hotter and summer time approaches the music that artists put out begin to emulates the coming season. It talks about fun in the sun, hanging out with friends, going to parties, and just generally living life. Summer songs tend to have an up-beat tempo, catchy lyrics and very bright visuals. An excellent example of this is Moozlie’s “LaLaLa”. Moozlie search the song off with the lyrics “summertime where the heat is on, cooler bag and the drinks are strong” giving us a background and theme for this song. She then gives us the chorus and the title of the song “LaLaLa” Bringing in the catchy element of the song that would make the listener want to have the song on repeat. In the first verse, Moozlie Talks about how she’s booked and busy and has shows she has to fly to, how she has the nicest outfits and business deals she has to pursue. This reminded me a lot of other female rapper songs and how they talk about how booked and busy they are and the type of clothes that they have. Moozlie follow up this virus of bragging by saying, you know what, forget that I just want to have a good drinking and dancing with friends and post the occasional picture. This is also my favorite part of the song, lyric wise, because I feel like that’s what the summer is essentially about hanging out with friends, having a good time, making memories so I do like that this was the main focus of the song. Visually The song also embodies what summertime is like. The video opens up with Moozlie and her friend doing donuts in the street and then they drive off to go then Store and then a party. In the video, there’s a lot of bright colors. You’re able to see the clear blue sky, the vibrancy of the store that they go to, the party that they attend, and their outfits. I think that was a good idea because it catches the waters attention and a good music video can really carry a song. With having a song that is the essence of summer and a bomb video to match, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a hit for the summer.

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