In The Congo

Nasambu was born into a Kenyan Immigrant family. She is a Kenyan Afro-Soul Sing-songwriter. Nasambu was Barasa was producer and founder of the international band, The Mystic Nomads. This lady has attracted people with her own style. A combination of Jazz, Soul, Latin and African rhythms. Nasambu’s original music has been featured in soundtracks for several films and documentaries and in TV episodes on multiple stations. You Can even find her on The Africa Channel. Nasambu has toured and performed in a number of festivals at universities, museums and performance halls throughout the United States, Africa, and Europe.

In the song Rhyme Like A Girl they talk they about life in Congo. They said put yourself in someone else shoes for a minute. In April 2012 nearly 1 million Congolese had been displaced. Mothers sleep in holes in the ground at risk of getting raped while there kids are sleep. They felt they needed a total emancipation of the country. In 1959 Patrice Lumumba was certain thing where going to work perfectly. The Congolese Independence does not mean kicking the Belgian out. All they wanted to was build a sovereign country. Then they talked about how to the government came knocking and taking kids away. They were also how in 1996 over 6 million Congolese have perished. In the hook of the song it says “Can you face the truth of the Congo” are you going to ignore whats going on or make a change. This sound was used to spread the word about what was going on and break the silence of reality.

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