3rd Album Review “Country, God, or the Girl”

This album was a complete change compared to the first and second album. K’naan tallks a lot about a girl in his life as well as love. In this album his english usage is way more than his natural somalian language he spoke in the other 2 albums. his immigration experience isnt mentioned as much as the other two albums either, but he does talk about it.in the song “coming to America” he talks a little about his immigration process and how it felt to move etc.  African immigration isnt mentioned in this album either this isnt mentioned through out the album.K’naan talks about his country by talking about them in his songs. the social and political problems in this album are about the americans and how their government is ran. I would say that the intended audience is young female groups. i believe that mainly because, this album has a lot to do with love and a certain female in his life. African Americans are mentioned in this album and the life of them in some of the album. this album has more hip hop rythm to it and compared to the other two albums. he mentions the difference between love of god, love of the girl, or the love for a country.

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