Ice Prince – Boss

In today’s blog we will be covering the song “Boss” by African rapper Ice Prince. Born in Nigeria under the name Panshak Henri Zamani he grew up in Nigeria, staying there for college and to grow his musical career. He began making music in 1999, writing rap songs and performing them at school wide social events. He began recording officially in 2002 and got real recognition in 2004 when he released two singles called “Extraordinary” and “Rewind” which received airplay all over Lagos and Abuja. Soon after this he was signed to the label “Chocolate City” where he released much music and enjoyed a lot of success. His song boss was a song about how he is successful and enjoying everything that comes with success. Mainly money, and material possessions that come with acquiring fame and social recognition. The lyrical quality of the song is piss poor but then again its not rapped in a language native to the people so it’s not going to be a wordsmith’s demonstration of their lyrical prowess. The song is very club oriented with a beat that I would imagine would make a west Indian or African want to dance quite a bit. Ice Prince often uses braggadocio in his singles which is common with all rappers of all ethnic groups. over all i think ice prince zamani’s song boss does what it’s intended to do all though the chance of me personally listening to it on my downtime are slim to none due to the fact that the songs lacks a lot of substance.

Ice Prince Zamani-Boss

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