Thato Madonsela better known by his recording name “L-Tido” was born in Alexandra, South Africa, and has been growing in popularity overseas, as well as in the U.S. His Music video for his most recent hit “DLAKA YA YONA” has near a million views. This sound is similar to popular rap in the U.S. with a flow most widely known to be used by Atlanta rappers such as Future, and Young Thug. This includes saying words in quick recession in sort of a mumbling voice over a hard hitting beat. This sound really appeals to the youth because it gets them nodding their head to the beat and new sound.

L-Tido He begins rapping as the beat drops very hard. And then he changes up the flow which is usually done to variate the sound, and show versatility. The beat is one of the most important things in music now a days, and this beat is most definitely one that is sonically pleasing to music lovers. It has an upbeat tempo and makes for a good song and melody. His topic seems to be woman as can be seen from the music video with dancing girls in the club. This is an often used topic of conversation in hip hop as can be seen in many songs. I would say L-Tido definitely has a catchy sound and knows how to adapt with the waves of music, and with this display of range and survival skill he manages to stay relevant through his various radio hits.

Watch L-Tidos Dlaka Ya Yona

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