Sarkodie -Hand to Mouth

Sarkodie is a Ghanaian rapper from Tema. He was raised by a single mother along with his siblings. Sarkodie started rapping at a young age and continued throughout his life no matter what he was doing, even after earning a graphic design degree from the IPMC. When he was young and aspiring he would participate in rap battles that got him noticed by some big names on the Ghanaian hip hop and hiplife circuit. After featuring on a few songs with established hip hop artist in Ghana he would eventually record his first album, “Makye”  not too long after his discovery and release his first single, “Baby” which would go on to become an instant hit in Ghana and other parts of West Africa and secure his name as a prominent figure in the Ghanaian hip hop scene. Sarkodie released a song named “Hand to Mouth” in 2015 which was very well received in Ghana. The song is very hard hip hop style oriented in terms of the flow in which he’s rapping and the beat of the song itself. He’s rapping in a language I’m not familiar with but judging from the music video, it’s probably something along the lines of braggadocio and glorification of his quickly found success. The song is very catchy even though I can’t understand what is being said . Aside from the fact that the song is catchy and has a nice beat, Sarkodie has a very nice flow when he raps. It’s obvious he takes his career and craft very seriously when recording. Overall it’s an enjoyable track that deserves a listen.

Sarkodie-Hand to Mouth

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