2c Mixtape Review

2C whose name is Romeo Mulbah live in Atlanta, Georgia after relocating from Liberia in West Africa with his father and brother. He also is the 2009 and the 2010 Liberian Entertainment Award Winner of the Year in 2009 and 2010. After listening to his Mixtape it easy to see why.

His first track Fly Away really has you flying away. From the beginning to the last track Liberian Girl this mixtape is excellent. It really is more like a nonstop party from the beginning to the end. Fly Away is the fist song and about taking a girl he like and flyin’ away all around the world. This song is definitely hot! Going Down Tonight is his next song and it just another party song about getting down and partying it up in the club but 2c not only raps he sings a little as well with the help of some slight autotune. His fourth song Just Like You is a very inspirational song where he sings and raps about overcoming personal circumstances and rising about hard situations and being ostracized and being called names like african booty scratcher and becoming his own person and not letting others opinions affect you and continuing to rise. All throughout the song even though he is delivering an important message, he does’t fail in making it another great song.

Throughout his entire mixtape he doesn’t neglect his international audience. Even though he lives in Atlanta, Georgia and his music reflects and reflects that exposure he fuses his current location to where he came from and reaches out it not just shootouts to cities around the world but he injects an almost familiarity with everywhere he mentions in this song as if he has a personal connection. 2c is not just trying to reach an American audience on this mixtape but definitely Africa and beyond. On War Child which features Chris Desire is a song of the life of a war-child of Africa. This song is one of my favorites it tells a true story he said of waking up to family members dying and then coming to America. This is his story of coming from Liberia and a picture of the loss he endured before coming here and the loss of his people who were slaughtered and having nothing despite come from one of the richest lands in the World. Which led him here to America.

On Want Sum his uses African music and rhythms as he sings about his African girls. 2c represents Africa and Liberia specifically and reaches out to Liberians constantly in his music and  tries to make connection to Liberians everywhere through his music especially in his song Liberian Girl when he says:

“This goes out to my Liberian Girl, home grown, now she’s all over the world.  People wonder who you are, I’m a show ‘em you’re a shining star.Keep holding your head up, let nobody put you down.  Forever you’re my girl, Oh my titi, Oh my titi, Oh” 

Liberian Dream is one of his last songs on his Mixtape and this is another song to uplift people like his song Just Like You. 2c has a way with delivering a message and making sure you can have a real good time and party to all his music. This mixtape  that I listened to so many times, not because I had to but simply because it just that good!

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