Zeus Deuce

Game Goabaone Bantsi better known by his stage name Zeus was born on 22nd July 1986 and is a Motswana hip-hop artist, MC and businessman. Zeus released his debut album Freshly Baked in 2008 which included the hits “Back in the days” and “Gijima”. The album was generally well received and garnered him a Channel O Music Video award nomination and win in the Best Hip Hop video for the aforementioned “Gijima”. His sophomore offering, 2009’s The Flipside has been positively reviewed in both his home country as well as neighbouring South Africa. In 2010, he was ranked seventh in a list of the Top 15 South African Rappers and 4th on MNET’s Top 10 African Rappers for 2010 compilation. Zeus currently splits his time between Gaborone, which is his hometown, and Johannesburg, South Africa.

The music video below is an illustration of one of the types of music that Zeus takes part in. The song is called “#Datswhatsup”, and speaks on the enjoyment of life; not thinking twice and just going with the flow. The music video of course is a bit old school due to it being published in the year 2013. His rapping style did not express his Southern African accent or heritage, but instead sounded more western due to it being seen as the only way of “real hip hop” during that time. While looking for the lyrics to the song, it was no where to be found due to the fact that this song was not as popular as his other music. Gladly though, he rapped in the western language (English) instead of using his native language known to him and his people as “Setswana” to engage in his rapping ability or to perform and deliver his rap.

Zeus “#DATSWHATSUP” Music Video

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