What Have We Not Done?

Congolese rap group, Musique Populaire de la Révolution or MPR, raps “Nini To Sali Te” (What Have We Not Done) which address the daily issues the Congolese people face. The rappers utilize Linagla to express their hardships and influence from external entities that inhibit progress.  They further state how the infrequent practice of democracy has made them live with famine and financial instability. The chorus states “Study, we have done it. Prayer and Fasting! We have done it. We have broken family ties. Fight and preserve, we have done it. But what have we not done?” This form of protest demonstrates how displeased and exhausted they are by the struggles they must live with to survive. This song reveals how the Congolese population blames themselves for the issues of their country and feel they must make sacrifices to prosper. Despite their competence, the government has abandoned its people by not providing them with opportunities that enable a functional society.

Their rap name replicates the former political party, Mouvement Populaire de la Révolution (Popular Movement of the Revolution) which was founded by former president Joseph-Désiré Mobutu. The party opposed capitalism and communism and favored nationalism and authenticity, which is a constant theme the artist attempt to uplift. However, this is ignored due to the lack of investments in human capital. At the end of the music video, there is a message that states “Notre pays est une tragédie, on vie dans l’espoir et nous mourrons dans de desespoir” (Our country is a tragedy, we live in hope and we die in despair). This statement is to speak for the Congolese people who live in a situation that allows them to struggle continuously, but live in hope while many others do not have the opportunity to witness what the hope may become.

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