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Wegz, who was born Ahmed Ali, is a rapper from Egypt. He is from the El Wardian neighborhood of Alexandria, Egypt. He began working on his career since 2017. He makes what many call “Egyptian trap music.” He utilizes trap music, “mumble rap,” and Egyptian shaabi. He blends that with complex rhyme schemes and melodies to craft something that was not really seen in Egypt prior. Wegz is an artist that is very big on experimentation, playing with all sorts of sounds. The youth of the country flock to this new sound that he was representing. 

Ali has already collaborated with many major artists in the area. These include artists such as Savage Plug, Fishawy, Sadat, L5VAV, Molotof, and DJ Totti. Wegz has already made his presence on the Arab and African rap scene. The numbers make this very clear to see. Currently, he has over 1.38 million subscribers on youtube, along with over 186 million views on the platform. His channel “Wegz,” was only created on May 25, 2016. On Spotify, he currently has approximately 205,506 monthly listeners. This goes to show that the majority of his audience uses youtube to listen to this rapper, which may be due to having a younger audience. 

As you can see he is very commercially successful, at least on a few platforms. Wegz broke out in 2018 with his breakout single “TNT.” His biggest song is “Dorak Gai,” and the record currently has no less than 59 million views. This was accomplished after only being out for 10 months, being released in March of 2020.

Currently, he would be considered the Egyptian version of an American trap star/rapper. He has a very interesting sound that at the very least deserves a listen.

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