Video Critique “Fatima”

the first thing i said when i first heard the song “Fatima” was “what is this song about?” “did he loose a daughter” so many questions popped in my head. so i heard it about three to four times just to listen to the lyrics and try to understand what K’Naan was truly trying to say, i couldnt understand it that much, so i came home and looked up the song on Youtube. According to the video, it says that Fatima was K’Naan’s first love that was trafficked by her own parents when she was just a young girl. i believe the song says about 12. so later on, Fatime is taken by the human traffickers and never seen again, i have a feeling she was killed.  K’naan says in many parts of the song that he wishes the man wouldnt have tooken her and that he wishes that she could see how his life had changed and where he’d been now. In this Song K’naan shows emotion and in the end says that he didnt write the song for people to cry but to show his celebration to her. this song is very touching and gets to you.

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