Vector “No Worries” ft. DJ Magnum

A Song for All Nations!

Olanrewaju Ogunmefun David’s (aka “Vector”) 2020 hit single “No Worries” featuring DJ Magnum,” explains the frustrations, difficult times, and bad things that happened, especially at night, in Akure, Nigeria.  In the rap, Vector is asking God, “Are you there? Can you help? Are you hearing our cry?”  Vector is one of many Nigerian rappers who has expressed some of the challenges in their neighborhoods and country the same way American rappers express their anger against society, racism, and hatred.  

Born on August 7, 1984, Vector always wanted to rap. In the song “No Worries” is evident that Vector believes in God.  He mentions current issues such as the Coronavirus that has killed millions of people, not only in Nigeria but all over the world. That means we all can at least relate to the title of the song.  

Are all rappers uneducated?  Not this one!  Education had a big impact in Vector’s life.  He attended college at the University of Lagos and graduated in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.  Maybe there is a “rap philosophy” among rappers! 

Vector has accomplished much in his 37 years.  He produced such songs as “Kilode, Mary Jane, Get Down, Angeli, Mr. Vector, King Kong, Born Leader, Gunshot, and Gee Boys.” These songs influence Nigerians the same way Snoop Dogg’s raps have influenced Americans.  The same beef that rappers have in Nigeria is the same stuff that goes on between American rappers – they fight through the mic – whether it’s Tupac vs. Biggie or Vector vs. Reminisce!  

Every once in a while, rappers come up with a rap that the whole world can relate to, and “No Worries” is one of those raps. Vector also wrote songs in collaboration with other Nigerian rappers.  His songs have led him to receive awards such as being nominated at the 2010 Nigeria Entertainment Awards and winning eight awards for the Best Mainstream Hi-Hop Video, Recognition Award, Best Rap Single, Lyricist on the Roll, Best Rap Act, Best Afro Hip-Hop Video, and Best Rap Single.  He was nominated twice for the Lyricist on the Roll and Best New Act.  He’s also dabbling in film and television.  He was in a series in 2018 titled, “Lara and The Beat, and Shunga Naija.”

The rap is in Pidgin English. Vector gets his point across as his music expands throughout the U.S. and other countries by asking God questions throughout the song. Here are a few of the lyrics from the internet. 

“Dear god up are you there

Send the thing way go come from the sky in the

Middle of the night While they sleeping in the night

And they wouldn’t know what hit them like in akure

Dear god up are you there

Many wan know how I do it

How I do what I do when I do what I do

I just do what I do cos I do it”

OK!  The tune is catchy, like all rap music, but the video in this instance was kind of confusing.  You had women half-naked and women covered up so that you could only see their faces – go figure!  Anyway, “No Worries” get a thumbs up from me.  Check out Vector’s hit single by clicking the YouTube link below and tell me what you think of the song.  

“No Worries” was released on November 27, 2020.

The Cover of “No Worries” by Vector ft DJ Magnum.

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