Tumi and the Volume- People of the Light (feat. Pebbles)

Originated in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tumi and the Volume is an African hip hop music group. It is compromised of rapper Tumi Molekane, Tiago Correia-Paul (lead guitarist), David Bergman (bass guitarist), and Paulo Chibanga (drummer). This song is in collaboration with Pebbles, who is an actress and musician from Gauteng, South Africa. A lot of the music made by this group has political aspects and empowerment of the community. This particular song, in my interpretation, talks about people who are struggling and being oppressed coming together to create a brighter future. Not only does the artist reference to Malcolm X as a means explaining the depth of his content which is controversial in many cases but they talk about the aspects of poverty. One line in particular stood out to me and it was when the rapper stated

“Political rallies with bullets speed to your fore. Blood sweeps through the floor, red sheets in the morgue”

This really highlights the problems with politics and the violence that occurs when people try to fight for a change. In many political rallies some people become so excited that it can result in controversy. Another line that shined light on a truth was

“But you tighten grips on your suitcase

I let it slide coz I just don’t do hatred

But th very same thing happens after a few paces”

A sad truth that many people go through is always being thought of as a suspect or a danger. This happens in many cases with young men of color because in many societies people are taught that they are a danger.

Overall I found the song to be interesting and enlightening. I played it couple times because the whole message was powerful and the song itself is very catchy.

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By: Destiney Wilson

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