Trust the vibes

From their first studio album “The Dreamer Project” (2011), Show Dem Camp have gone from underground rap duo to one of the biggest rap acts coming out of Nigeria. Composed of rappers Tec and Ghost, the duo mixtapes “The Clone Wars” have become a must have on the Nigerian rap scene and staple in any hip-hop head who listens to MC’s coming from Nigeria. The Clone War series has produced 5 mixtapes, but in 2019 the Nigerian rap duo dropped their fourth mixtape “Clone Wars IV (These Buhari Times)”. Known for their rap skills, Nigerian politics and consciousness. “These Buhari Times” bring even more soul to their listeners. Touching on topics such as Adversity, faith, mental health and perseverance. But it’s the duo’s 2020 single that rounds out the mixtape “In the vibe we trust”. Single and music video is reminisce of early 90’s American hip-hop groups like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets and Black Sheep. But, with a dash of 21st century Nigeria. The video is polished and clean, but keeps the focus on the MC’s skills and lyrics. Giving both Tec & Ghost room to shine in their own way but also showing they work stronger together like a super hero duo, evident that Tec and Ghost make a fabulous pair. Ghost is flowing smoothly over a classic beat, giving the song body. His lyrics are direct and to the point. The visuals help showcase this by putting him front and center. While Tec adds the legs to the song. Giving you the catchy chorus, that just makes you wanna sing along. Adding a bit of fun and light heartedness, a reminder that life is also about the good times. Together the video gives a vibe of old feel good hip-hop songs, that still uplifts but doesn’t take itself too seriously. Show Dem Camp understood the assignment crafting their fourth mixtape “These Buhari Times” to leave some room for a classic good time.  And the video for “In the vibe we trust” will leave you in that same classic good time feeling, trust the vibes.

Squally Colbert =]

Show Dem Camp

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