Tinchy Stryder Bio

Tinchy Stryder when born was given the name Kwasi Danquah. He was born September 14th, 1986 in Ghana. Tinchy Stryder is also know as The Star in the Hood which is named after one of his albums. He was born in Ghana but grew up in the United Kingdom. Tinchy stayed in the United Kingdom from 1995 all the way until 2008. He had attended a couple different schools, them being St Bonaventure’s Catholic Comprehensive School and The University of East London where he studied digital arts, moving images, and animation. He also did receive a B.A. from those fields. At the young age of eleven is when he first began to make music which in the long run helped him a great amount. After him completing GCE advanced level and general certificate of education is when he became more serious about his music. Not only in the music industry but in business in general Tinchy Stryder has had a promising career. He is a very good business man. In 2006 Tichy Stryder made Star in the Hood an international fashion company. He also went into business with Goji Electronics, Inc.,Honda Motor Company, Ltd, and Takeover/Cloud 9. All of these are successful too. He does not seem to get into something that he knows will not benefit him in the long hall. With Goji Electronics, Inc. he created headphones and other audio equipment which was successful and with   Cloud 9 X Goji was also the same. For two years straight it posted strong sales. And with that being so successful an entirely revamped collection was released last year. It is a very good thing that he is not just a rapper but a great businessman. By what I was reading Tinchy Stryder is not only somebody you would want to be in your songs but someone you would not mind going into business with.

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