The Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a music video that was released three years ago featuring Wanlov on ELi’s song. ELi is a Ghanaian Hip Hop artist and in the video, he’s in his home country. The first few clips of the video feature Labadi beach located in Accra, Ghana. The video’s message is clear early on as the viewer doesn’t get to see much of the actual beach as the camera passes litter filled areas. It seems like the beach serves as someone’s recycling bin. ELi is walking on the beach, stepping over bottles and other trash. He’s one of Ghanaian Hip Hop artists who are speaking up about government related and economic issues. The theme of this particular music video is related to environmental issues and ELi is using his musical talents to express his sentiments while bringing awareness to the cause. He also included Wanlov the Kubolor, half Ghanaian and half Romanian Hip Hop artist, in the video who also uses his voice and platform to talk about issues other than the ones Hip Hop has become associated with. Wanlov does more than just rap about it as he deals with it on a personal level. An example of this would be the absence of shoes in his life; Wanlov simply hasn’t worn shoes in a decade.

The video adds a creative flair to it with written phrases on the video describing both rappers. Once Wanlov comes on camera for his verse, it shows a picture of John Mahama in front of his private area. John Mahama served as a former president of Mahama so the action is clear to point out the target of the slander. It also gives the viewer someone to place blame on for their current trashing condition. As the video continues, the picture remains on top of Wanlov’s body and one of the text boxes talks about his thoughts. He is concerned that the government is focusing on the wrong issues and the entire video shows a depiction of a real tragedy. These rappers are looking for a change.

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