Shaybo teams up with dreamdoll in “Broke boyz”

by Zainab Ahmed

Nigerian British rapper Shaybo collaborates with American (with British descent) rapper Dreamdoll in new song “Broke Boyz.” The two rap about what they need a man to do for them in order to not only get in a relationship with them but to keep them as well. Shaybo and Dreamdoll make sure the men they are rapping about know their worth. They highlight their flashy jewelry and their body with Shaybo saying “Like look at my swag, look at my drip/ Look at my ice, look at my wrist/Look at my ass, look at my tits/I told you before I ain’t a basic bitch.” She also challenges men who think they are above her by rapping in the chorus “Homeless-looking niggas say they wan’ change for me/Church boys say they pray for me/Wasting your time if you think that you’re saving me.” Dreamdoll emphasizes Shaybo’s point of having high standards from men before even getting with them. She raps about having her needs met sexually and financially.

Shaybo’s song with Dreamdoll challenges the submissiveness that African women are always assumed to have. She does not shy away from what she expects from a potential suitor and brags about how tough she is. She is not following conservative attitudes about what a woman-especially an African woman-should be. She not only sets the lists of expectations and also fights back against any hate from men by reminding them that compared to her they do not measure up status wise. She advocates for herself and links up with another rapper in order to unite and strengthen her message. She follows a current theme in American female rap while also continuing her message of women wanting better for themselves as she has done before in the past with songs such as “My sister” which featured British-Jamaican singer Jorja Smith.

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