Sasa Klaas and Her Impact on Women Empowerment

Rest in Peace 1993-2021

Sasa Klaas was a Botswana hip hop female artist from Botswana who has introduced a unique sound that makes her stand out from other female artists. While most female artists cater to the R&B scene, Sasa prefers the upbeat style that allows her fans to see her vibrant personality. In the song “Vapors,” Sasa aims to flex on her haters by referencing her “penthouse suite” and the many luxuries of life she can enjoy. Although much of her music is centered around her lavish lifestyle, she also focuses attention on women empowerment inside and outside of the studio. She was known for being very comfortable in her skin and pushed for women to embrace their natural beauty and physical traits, no matter the size. Although frowned upon by many, she can be seen in the video shaking her behind, and this simply goes to say that she does not care what others think of her because she is living the life she wants to live. This is also observed in a separate song titled “MmaMongwato,” which is a term used to reference someone with a big behind.

                Although she passed away at a young age, she gained much respect from the rap industry. She challenged many stereotypes associated with women and proved everyone wrong. One verse from her music video mentions: “Just bought an apartment I’m so accomplished, got to keep trophies under my belt.” She prides herself in being an independent woman owning her own residence and living a life of bliss. Although she was on the rap scene for a relatively short time, she made a great impact on women across all age groups, teaching them to love and appreciate themselves.  

You better stay in your lane I’ll make u break boy

Nothing will be the same like drake then Floyd

Sasa Klaas (Mma Mongwato)

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