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Ugandan hip Hop Artist Recho Rey

Mirembe Rachael, professionally known as the singer, songwriter, and fashion model Recho Rey, is one of the top female Ugandan hip-hop music artists out right now. She was born in Kireka (a suburb of Kampala), Uganda, on April 5th, 1998 as the first child of her parents and her two younger sisters.

As a child, she grew up loving music and fashion along with her family. Eventually, a moment of the opportunity presented itself and she took it. In 2017 she was able to kickstart her music career as a female hip-hop music artist and rapper after her feature in the Ugandan “Who is Who” rap challenge, which is where different Ugandan rappers used the same beat to record their songs, essentially remixing the same song, akin to the “Beatbox” remixes last year here in the United States. thanks to her hard work and talent in December of that year, she ended up as one of the winners of the MTN Cypher UG Hip Hop Awards.

Seeka – Recho Rey Nov, 2020

What I want to talk about today is one of her more well-known songs, “Seeka”. In the music video for her new song, Recho Rey puts on a show for the viewer as she takes them into her world. The video has vibrant colors, energetic dancing, and eccentric fashion choices, all age groups represented. It is almost like an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. the beat is catchy her vocals are mixed well, and even though the lyrics are not in English, her lyricism is praised and recognized as top tier by many, especially the fans in the comment section. Overall I give this song an 8/10 as I enjoyed it. I highly recommend you to check out her other works like Imagine Uganda, Respect, Omweeso (featuring Fyno), Bwogonana with Winnie Nwagi, and any other songs you can find her on.

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