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Freda Baffour Awuah, famously known as Freda Rhymz is a twenty-eight-year-old rapper from Sunyani, Ghana (Brong Ahafo Region). Freda’s career started rising when she made a freestyle to Sarkodie’s song, “New Guy” featuring Ace Hood. She was recognized by Sarkodie himself, he was impressed and had reposted her freestyle on his Instagram. She originally freestyled and rapped for the fun of it until Freda worked with the Hashtag Music Group and received the opportunity to share the stage with CJ Biggerman and Pappy Kojo. During that same period with Hashtag Music Group, she entered the MTN Hitmaker Competition in 2017. She later won the competition and her career was finally taking off.

In June of 2020, Freda Rhymz released her “Public Opinion” music video. In her song, Freda addresses how she feels as though people are always trying to push her around and tell her what to do, especially now that she is starting to gain stardom. Essentially, she is expressing how fame brings unnecessary comments and opinions from people around her and people who listen to her music or have just heard of her in general. Leaving her only trusting a few genuine people.

As an African woman in the music industry, especially in hip hop, it is harder to try and do your own thing to get to where you need to be. Due to the fact that there is a patriarchy in hip hop because women are seen as less and not as talented. Once, it is evident that a woman’s musical ability is equivalent to a man’s that is when they try is to take back control. Some do so by micromanaging or trying to bring bad publicity towards the artist.

Freda Rhymz mentions in her song, “All I’m tryna get is my food,
Promoters no go take me for fool.” Relating to my previous sentence, women in the music industry have it rough when it comes to finding genuine people who want to help and not tear them down because they find African women like Freda intimidating or as competition. I enjoyed listening to this song, on repeat as I may mention. Cannot wait to continue listening to Freda Rhymz’s music and cannot wait for her to release more.

Public Opinion, released June 11, 2020.

You can check out the rest of her songs and videos by clicking the icons below.

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