PSquare VS. Emtee

African hip-hop and African pop differ greatly in terms of style and lyricism. In comparing the video and song of PSquare and Emtee, the differences are exhibited without a doubt. PSquare uses traditional African beats to guide his lyrics, whereas Emtee pushes the agenda with a more rough, hip-hop vibe.

The upbeat song “Bank Alert” by PSquare first brings the culture of Nigeria to life by showcasing the colorful garments of the country on the dancers. This vibrant attire matches perfectly with the energetic tempo of the song. The lyrics denote a sense of happiness as well as they are expressing the wealth of the artist and his desire to marry his fiancé, whose name is not mentioned; PSquare says: Go tell your Papa eeh, say na me dey come for you, eeh-eh. This translates to PSquare declaring that his fiancé must tell her father that she is ready to be married. In Nigerian culture, this signifies a confident, responsible man who is not afraid of commitment.

Artist, Emtee, takes a turn in style by presenting a less energetic feel in his song “Pearl Thusi”. Though the lyrics and the video are not similar to that of PSquare, the South Africa rapper spits fire over a lively baseline. Emtee says:

She’s the best
I don’t see the rest
I don’t need a pest
With all due respect
She can get it for days
I never say it straight to her face
Look how she rocking ’em Js
She gettin’ money in so many ways
She zulu and yellow
Grew up in the ghetto

It is apparent that the two artists songs do have something in common: they are about women. Aside from that, PSquare and Emtee are on two ends of the spectrum that is music. Emtee carries himself in a more grimey, street manner, whereas PSquare flaunts his abundance of money and prosperous relationship over an animated beat.

Check out the two artists videos below:



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