“No Lie” – Khuli Chana ft Patoranking

Khuli Chana is a South African artist and has been performing since the early 90s. Chana gets his inspiration from artists such as an African artist AKA and Kendrick Lamar. Chana began rapping at a young age but was given the opportunity to open for Drake receiving his true start. Chana is definitely seen as a mainstream Pop, Hip Hop artist. The song “No Lie” was produced in collaboration with Patoranking, a Nigerian dancehall singer and songwriter. The song demonstrates the style of music motswako, by blending different languages together throughout the song. The song “No Lie” was difficult to understand, as I was unaware to the style of motswako. For example, the verse would start in English and the next line a different language, etc. The song surprisingly lacked substance. Listening to this song following the knowledge obtained through readings and videos thus far, I was under the impression that most African Hip Hop contain a message of some sort; this song proved otherwise. After listening and reading the lyrics of “No Lie” I found myself comparing the song and style to the watered down mainstream songs in America. The song “No Lie” spoke primarily about superficial gratification and “stepping on the scene [and] looking so fly” (No Lie). Although I was not a fan of the message in the song, the instruments and beats were very interesting. I can definitely picture this song being played in the club. This song and artist demonstrates how mainstream artist must water down the message and talents for fame and money.

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