‘Nini dhambi kwa mwenye dhiki?

X Plastaz and Faza Kelly are said to be some of Senegals most popular hip hop crew. This song incorporates a mix of Swahili and traditional Maasai music. The music video is set on a Volcano where Kelly is traveling with just a blanket around him. You can clearly see that he is trying to express something about overcoming a struggle. In the following scenes Kelly appears to be in the in a poor hood surrounded his community or his crew of people. Kelly is raping with an extremely aggressive tone, while although I don’t understand Swahili it is clear that he is very passionate about the subject he is rapping about and the people surrounding him are passionate as well. Towards the end of the video he is in the desert and surrounded by people in traditional dress, the transition back and fourth between the hot and cold climate with him in minimal clothing shows the struggle. This was a very enjoyable song. X Plastaz call their music “maasai hip hop” which is unique mixture between chanting, dance hall music, hip hop, and even hindi music. Their lyrics appear to appeal more to the youth of their communities more than anything. Tragucally, Faza Kelly, the person filmed in the video was killed in a stabbing incident and shortly after the volcano they were filming on erupted. Which was very powerful to read about. Faza Kelly was also the founder of this group as well, but to this day the group tries to maintain relevance and keep the music going.

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