Nigeria’s Christian Hip Hop Sound

Nolly Cia

Usually, when the discussion of Hip Hop music arises many sections of the genre are left out and overlooked. As we know today, Hip Hop consists of more than the traditional boom bap and trap sounds that are classic beats many artists use in their music. The genre hosts a myriad of artists from many diverse backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities. All of which are proclaiming unique messages that are meant to influence and impact others. Today we’re going to take a look at an example of one of those sections that are forgotten, yet when discovered, are a pleasure to have stumbled upon.

Chukwunonso Tony Onwuli better known as Nolly Cia is a Nigerian Afro-Gospel rapper, singer, and composer. Nolly raps both in English as well as in his mother tongue of Igbo. He is also very versatile in the types of music he is able to produce. Afrobeats, hip-hop, and dancehall are all included in his catalog of music.

Nolly Cia was formerly a member of the Christian Hip Hop Group “Christ I Abide” (CIA) before he transitioned into his solo career. He is always mastering his craft, especially when it comes to writing lyrics. From his punchlines to wordplay to delivery of every lyric, his music sets the bar high for many artists.

B.B.B.G. (Big Boy Big God) featuring Limoblaze is a catchy tune off of Nolly’s, “Blessed of God” EP which details the very reasons how and why you will succeed when you have God with you.

Nolly holds steadfast in his belief that his music will continue to influence and impact audiences all over the world regardless of race, location, and faith.

God has set him in a special position to tell his testimony and reach the masses. His journey is far from over; it is just the beginning for him.

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