Miss Girl, Just let Loose

My assignment for today was to find a “hip hop” video and write a blog post about it. The assignment gave me a lot of freedom to choose whatever video with whatever message I wanted. So I searched the internet for an hour trying to find a song that made me go AYYYYYE. Now, there were some that made a bop my head a little. But then I came across Let Loose by Angell Muntoni feat. Kevin Klein. To my professor, this song might not seem super profound or thought evoking but it makes my heart sing. The wonderful thing about music is that sometimes, it doesn’t need to have a “touch your soul” deep moment. The beginning of the video is giving “okay ladies now let’s get in formation” but with a bad b*tch twist. When I heard the beginning of the song where she tells us she’s talking to black women and then proceeds to say “let loose, I know you had a long day, every day’s a fight so let loose,” my heart jumped up and started dancing. Because I FELT THAT.  Then she says “hold yaself real high, wind it up one time,” I actually got up and danced. The song makes you want to literally let loose and it’s so nice seeing black women be carefree and letting loose. The world is hard and every day is hard for black women. So we should let loose! Plus the video is beautifully executed. The hair mixed with the leather outfits makes you wanna put your best outfit on and go out with your friends. The only thing I disliked was how short the video/song was. The image just made you want to keep dancing and I was so sad when it ended. So I replayed it. Angell Mutoni’s music is something that I accidentally fell in love with and I will continue to listen to her message on women empowerment. And you should too. Just let loose. 


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