Meek Mill: The “Trillest” Hip Hop artist in the U.S

Meek Mill holding his “Maybach Music Group” chain.

Meek Mill started his rap career as a battle rapper before obtaining his first record deal in 2008 after being signed to the infamous ATL Rap Artist, T.I.In 2011, after releasing some of his top hits like “Amen”, Meek signed to Rick Ross’ “Maybach Music”.

After signing to maybach music, his career took of. “Dreams and Nightmares” is still one of the most highly favored party songs for our generation.

Robert Rihmeek Williams (31), American Hip Hop Artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When it comes to the evaluation of the representation of Philly and of America, like most artists at the brink of their career, Meek Mill’s music spoke more toward money, clothes, women etc. It seems as though, the more that his life affected him and the people around him, being both a man of color a very well-known and respected artist, Meek began to produce songs that discussed his personal trials and tribulations and raise awareness to some of the injustices in America.

One of the most moving Performances by Meek Mill at the BET Awards of his song ” Stay Woke”

On November 6th, 2017, Meek Mill was sentenced to two years in prison for violating his parole. Directly following the arrest the hashtag #freemeek spread endlessly on multiple social media platforms from not only his fan base, but thousands of black men and women who felt the sentencing was excessive and that perhaps maybe the rapper was being targeted, having been in and out of the system since his first arrest at the age of 19 in the year of 2007

Since his latest release from prison, Meek Mill’s music has spoken to injustices, racism, and his constant journey to freedom. Some of these songs, found on his most recent projects, are entitled “ What’s Free?” and “Stay Woke”. Not only has he changed his music approach but he is currently influencing other rap artists to do the same with the 2019 challenge he posted recently on his twitter account, “ PSA: 2019 all rappers let’s start having a property and owning business challenge instead of Jewelry jets and cars,keep it up to par but let’s switch it up and level up so we can have money when we 50+ from years of hard work and grinding! Smarten up!!”

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