MDQ “Time Bomb”

Muthoni Drummer Queen also known as MDQ was born and raised in Nairobi Kenya in a middle class family. Her style of music is genre -bending, afro-diaspora sound which is a fusion between African drums, hip hop/reggae/dancehall and neo soul/blues. She pours forth the bold, the reverting, the immersive. She is the storm you will unreservedly be taken by. Muthoni often finds itself dreaming on the state of Nairobi, the human condition and the state of women. The underlying purpose of her music is to awaken the listener.

The song Time Bomb is speaking about being on the outside looking in you really cannot explain what’s going with someone or a situation. It speaks about a young successful corporate woman who is non committal. She drinks to self medicate the anger, the mistrust and her pain within her life. Coming from a dysfunctional household while growing up causes all types of different personality traits. We understand the dysfunction breeds dysfunction. and we show compassion with her inner self who has no coping tools other than alcoholism to tackle life choices stemming from the dysfunctional childhood.

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