MC Caro: Still Killing the Game

There are many blog posts about MC Caro on this blog, and for a good reason. She has been and continues to be one of the best women MC’s Liberia has. She really is, as she calls herself, King Caro. This title is part of her brand and also a great example of braggadocio. In her recent Savage Freestyle (linked above), she shows her prowess and tells all the other rappers what’s up; she’s the best, she’s their mother, and they’re her kids. She raps that people show her love. These claims are backed up too. Caro in 2020 won Best Female Artist of the Year in the Liberia Music Awards, as well as awards for her song “Don’t Ask Me.” In the description of her newest freestyle, she writes, “JUST A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR MY FANS WHILE I PUT THE FINISHING TOUCHES TO MY ALBUM,” telling her fans about her album, which is set to be released later this year.

Freestyles have always been at the heart of Caro’s musical career, which started when she went viral with her “pro-poor” freestyle criticizing the Liberian government. Caro has previously, in 2018, done a song calling out corruption in Liberia, titled “Bring Back Our Money,” when two shipping containers full of 100 million dollars disappeared instead of safely reaching their destination in Sweden.

Similarly, in 2020, she teamed up with Rickslyn Myers, coming out with a song entitled “P.S.A.” P.S.A details the horrendous effects of sexual assault and rape. Caro’s bars talk about the shame and disgrace that come from sexual assault and, as well as how it can detriment someone’s mental health. This P.S.A. calls out the rape culture and condemns it. This is especially important because of how the media and rap music treats and objectifies women, which fuels rape culture. Women coming together and speaking out about it makes a powerful statement.

MC Caro’s Album, King Caro The Album, is set to come out later this year, and her new song “Cinderella” from the album drops this month. MC Caro is also touring the United States later this year, starting in April.

MC Caro Can be found here:

Twitter: @mccaroofficial

Instagram: @mccaro_official

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