MC CAro – “Pull UP”

Liberian artist MC Caro started her rap journey in the underground scene of Liberia.  As a Monrovia native, Caro masterfully fits into Liberia’s native style of rap, HipCo which is evidenced through her rise to prominence after posting on Facebook several freestyles in 2018 where she criticized the shortcomings of the Liberian government.  This quickly established her legitimacy and notoriety in the Liberian rap scene.  Caro also deals with topics such as sexual assault and rape in her music which can be seen in her song “P.S.A” that was released in 2020.  

Caro’s music and persona challenges hegemonic ideas of masculinity and femininity that is prominent in African Hip Hop.  She often refers to herself as “King Caro” and brags about her rapping abilities positing herself as the best.  She also dresses quite modestly in her music videos normally wearing baggy jeans, a t-shirt, and a hat.  Her lyrics and style embrace what would be considered masculine elements of Hip Hop which helps to fight against the marginalized ideas of what a female rapper looks and sounds like.  This is showcased in the music video for her song “Pull Up” featuring fellow Liberian artist, Feouls.  In this video, Caro is dressed in her typical style and it also features other video girls.  Although these extra models can be considered to fit into the hypersexual narrative of women that is popular in Hip Hop, it is also important to note that their interactions do not center around men, but each other.  While their actions take on a sexual tone, the women in the video also explore ideas of sexuality which is often a taboo subject.   Caro even says, “bitches be loving me” in one of her lines proving that she is not afraid of redefining the boundaries placed on women in Hip Hop.  



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