MC Caro Demands Liberia’s Missing Money

One of Liberia’s hardest hitting MCs speaks on the aftermath of one of the largest financial scandals the relatively young country has ever seen. In her first ever music video, containing B-roll footage of a neglected and dilapidated Monrovia, the nation’s capital, MC Caro delivers Kreyol bars demanding the government own up to their huge blunder. Surrounded by her fellow countrymen brandishing signs demanding social and economic change, the video feels kinetic and charged with the frustration of an entire country. In the fall of 2018, local Liberian media reported on the disappearance of freight ships containing reportedly $15.5 billion Liberian dollars ($104 million US) from shipping ports across the country. Citizens of the country are also enraged over the mismanagement of a $25 million US cash bailout meant to jumpstart the economy in 2018. Upset with the economic downturn of the country as well as the accelerating depreciation of the Liberian Dollar, Caro calls directly to the government leaders (who’s faces are seen spliced throughout the video) to admit guilt and negligence on the issue. President George Weah and the Liberian Central bank deny any mismanagement of governmental funds, despite the bank only legally distributing $5 billion Liberian of the missing $15.5 billion. The production of the video features punchy colors and multiple slow motion drone shots in an effort to exhibit the reaching affects that the missing money has on Liberian people of all walks of life. In the first visual venture of an artist who has quickly become well known in the Liberian Hip Hop community, we see exactly why MC Caro is seen as a voice for the people, as Bring Our Money Back is a simple demand for the Liberian government to own up to their ineptitude and take care of the citizens that look to them for security.

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