Maxo Kream’s 8 Figures

Maxo Kream, born Emekwanem Ogugua Biosah Jr., is known for his personal bars and relentless flow. He attacks beats with energy and intensity. Maxo Kream, whose father is a Nigerian immigrant grew up in the Houston, Texas area. Maxo came up by posting on SoundCloud and remixing famous songs. In his songs, he does not shy away from authenticity and the darker sides of his life. In 2019 he signed his first major deal with Roc Nation and released his first major label album, Brandon Banks. 

The track 8 Figures comes off of the aforementioned Brandon Banks. The album as a whole is a personal and fiery debut from Maxo and features a huge amount of notable features including fellow Texan rappers Megan thee Stallion and Travis Scott. On this particular track, 8 Figures, Maxo employs his fast and smooth flow and raps on the theme of making money. In the song, Maxo talks about making real money and what differentiates that from faking. Maxo rides the bouncy, bassy beat in an efficient and aggressive way. The hook is infectious and catchy and the verses come fast. 

While the song is catchy and infectious, Maxo’s rapping covers a variety of serious and heady topics. This song is very personal and Maxo touches on cycles of violence, his father, and murder. Maxo also compares and contrasts the ways in which people get money and the pursuit and crash that comes with chasing fast money. In rapping about his money, Maxo is emphasizing its lasting nature because of his hard work, dedication, and knowledge.

The song is one of many Maxo Kream songs that cover topics like this in an interesting and unflinching way.  Maxo’s raps have a commitment to telling his story in a dynamic and interesting way. 

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