Maglera Doe Boy – ‘Makazana’

Lyricism, and out of the box creativity provides a brief description for the ‘Makazana’ visuals released by Maglera Doe Boy in late 2022.

Born as Tokelo Moyakhe in Reitz, Free State, the South African artist delivered a personal, yet relatable message to the world while speaking both English and Southern Sotho slang, the language often spoken in his hometown.  

According to, ‘Makazana’ stems from the word ‘kazi’ also known as a township. 

The track opens with a news broadcast reporting on the violence that occurs throughout the township and from there Doe Boy comes off as a brash, yet principled survivor of his neighborhood. 

Historically, Hip-Hop was created to deliver a message and take the listener on a journey, and ‘Makanza,’ Doe Boy did just that. As a person who is listening to Doe Boy for the first time ‘Makazna’ was the first song I heard and instantly I became a fan.

Throughout the ‘Makanaza’ visuals Doe Boy takes us through mixture of American hip-hop culture (such as the Hennessy mock graphics) and attention and awareness to the hardship and harsh realities of the citizens where he is from. 

“ Hennessey for my problems/Hennessey with some robbers/Homie a shaman, other homie a prophet/Made in his image, does that mean I am God?/Made in his image, so does that mean I embody him?/Came from the dirt but I know I’m a diamond.”

Raising awareness is a consistent theme is Doe Boy’s music and career the township a theme that is consistent in Doe Boy. As an artist, he often speaks to his personal juxtaposition of being subjected to crime and poverty around him yet understanding he can amplify their voices as he is akin to their position. His song ‘Memoirs’ are no different: 

“Conversations with the paupers became compositions I need me an Oscar/In the ghetto I’m a saviour, I’m walkin’ on water and spitting the gospel/In the ghetto ducking Judas and the Devil that’s why I speak like a prophet” 

The evolution of Doe Boy is quickly progressing, and I can’t wait to see the future of his career. 

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