M.anifest (Destiny)

M.anifest, born Kwame Ametepe Tsikata, is a Ghanaian rapper and songwriter known for his socially conscious lyrics and unique blend of African and Western musical styles. He gained popularity in Ghana and beyond with his hit song “We No Dey Hear,” released in 2011.

“We No Dey Hear” is a song that addresses the issue of social injustice and the need for people to speak out against oppression. In the song, M.anifest talks about how people in positions of power often ignore the cries of the oppressed, and how those who suffer must come together to demand change. The song’s chorus, “We no dey hear, but we dey see,” has become a popular catchphrase, resonating with people who feel marginalized and ignored by those in power.

M.anifest’s rise to popularity can be attributed to several factors. First, his music is unique, blending traditional African rhythms and instruments with modern hip hop beats and lyrics. This fusion of styles appeals to a wide range of audiences, both in Ghana and internationally.

Second, M.anifest is known for his socially conscious lyrics, addressing issues such as corruption, inequality, and social injustice in his music. This has resonated with audiences who are looking for artists who use their platform to speak out against oppression and make a positive impact in their communities.

Lastly, M.anifest is an engaging performer who connects with his audiences through his energetic stage presence and charisma. He has performed at numerous concerts and festivals in Ghana and internationally, building a loyal fan base and earning critical acclaim for his music.

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