Little Simz: The Musical

OK GUYS. A cinematic masterpiece. Sometimes I Might Be Introvert by Little Simz is a cinematic masterpiece. You know those tiktoks that give you daily affirmations to manifest prosperity and growth in your life. None of them come close to having THEE Princess Diana herself, Emma Corrin, speak about needing to pace myself and breathing. Little Simz brings the listener through her memories by creating a play with intermissions meant to signify turning points. With the success of GREY Area in 2019, the British-Nigerian artist had pressure when dropping her fourth album. Little Simz is a master storyteller so when I told my roommate that we had an album to review by Little Simz, it was a WHOLE ordeal. We got the cats, the snacks and we surrounded my speaker to watch the story unfold through her words. 

This is not one of those times where I can give y’all a few tracks to listen to in case you don’t wanna listen to the whole album. If you skip through, you miss the vulnerability of each track and why it blends together with the rest of the album. Individual tracks each have their individual messages but if you skip songs, you miss the movie. Listening to this album is like watching the movie Titanic. Imagine if you went from Leo and Rose meeting to Leo dying while Rose is holding onto the board. It doesn’t make sense.  


Scene: you sit down at a theatre and the movie begins. You hear this song and the strong orchestra. It’s beautiful. As Little Simz starts to rap, you see the image of what she’s been through to get her to the point she’s at now. And then BAM! You hear the orchestra again. It’s a rebirth. It’s a new moment. The background singers sing as if angels. Little Simz is reborn.

The Rapper That Came To Tea (Interlude)

In the center of the album, this is quite literally the most stunning interlude I have ever heard in my life. I will be thoroughly disappointed if this we don’t get to see a Little Simz: The Album: The Musical. And after every interlude, my roommate and I start to notice a tread. After every interlude, the next track is heavy lyrical and beat skills, just to remind the audience that she is that girl and knows to balance art and bars.

Miss Understood

Towards the end of the album, it kinda hurts. There’s something so realistic about the album ending with a song about a falling out. The song before this was a perfect way to end the album. It gave us how Little Simz became the artist she is. It’s her reality. It’s emotional when you realize the struggles she must of faced breaking into a male dominant industry as a black woman. This album felt like her diary. It was her head space when navigating through life as a black woman. She’s protecting her energy, she’s reminiscing on her youth and healing, she’s embracing her femininity. But then she ends the album with Miss Understood. It’s the conclusion as the credits roll in. There is something sad about the last song’s hook being “i can feel your pain, i can see your tears.” It’s the hard truth of life. We see your struggles and we see your pain but the only thing we can do is keep going. We owe that to our past self.

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