Lady Slyke & Dj Nesta – I Feel Alright

Lady Slyke has been extremely active in the Kampala and wider Ugandan Hip Hop scene. She has been rapping since the 90s and continues to produce music of quality with a strong backing of bars. Her style is obviously heavily influenced by the rhyme heavy flows of the 90s. She raps in multiple languages including Luganda and can vary her language just as readily as she can vary her flows. It creates a seamless and authentic blending of styles that is unique and catchy. 

As it pertains to this song specifically, I Feel Alright comes across as a bright and lively example of Lady Slyke’s ability as a MC. The song is featured on Lady Slyke and DJ Nesta’s EP Marsh up De Place which was released last year. DJ Nesta creates an energetic beat and Lady Slyke matches this with her flow. The rapping is fast and continuous and contrasts the chill and understated hook. 

The song’s refrain, I feel alright, is an announcement of comfort. I think it is interesting to carry this idea of comfort into the wider purview of women in the Hip Hop scene in Uganda. While I have not talked to any women rappers in Uganda, the overall scene from the outside looking in seems close knit and welcoming. The UG scene has a group YouTube channel which they post videos like this one on and are supportive of one another on social media. Lady Slyke is not the only women rapper in the Uganda scene and her willingness to experiment and work with different styles is also not uncommon. 

Lady Slyke’s ability to rap with so much control, passion, and ability is proof positive of the immense talent women rappers in Uganda possess. This song’s just one of many examples of these aforementioned qualities.  

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