Kwesta is a Hip Hop artist and song writer from Katlehong, in the East Rand of Johannesburg. Kwesta was born as Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi on August 11th 1988. Kwesta’s musical talent began as an interest in poetry which brought him very postive feedback that encouraged him to move forward to preform at talent shows. He then came to the realization that he had a talent for preforming spoken word.

In 2003 he and a group of friends formed a rap group called “Ghetto Fellaz” which then changed to “The Juvenylz”. Kwesta and his group members had high hopes to get discovered but with time the group diluted. Kwesta later decided to drop out of high school to pursue his drea, a fulltime career in music which started out with him recording a demo in a make shift studio. around 2005 Kwesta begain gaining a following in his hometown of Katlehong. He could often be seen at school pagents, atelent shows, street parties and local festivals. He also earned the attention from Africa’s Most Southern (AMS) Record Company. AMS allowed him to use their recording facilities to improve his rapping skills. Success quickly follwed Kwesta when his demo made its way to Buttabing Entertainment offces’ playlist and it was received with great enthusiam. Buttabing’s top excutive wanted to meet Kwesta immediately. He convinced his mother to lone him the money for the taxi fare and this led to the offical induction of Kwesta as a member of the Buttabing Entertainment family in April 2007 co-owned by Shagasmakx and Slikour, founding members of South Africa’s first mainstream Hip Hop act. He traveled across the country as part of the entertainment line up. Kwesta spent 2008 through to 2009 recording his first album while being groomed for the big time. He collabrted with many other mainstream African as well as USA artists. His debut ablum Special ReKwest was released in 2010 at just 21 years old. Kwesta was the first rapper to have 7 singles on the radio charts in the first year as he was leaving his mark on the music along with being nominated fot counless awards. His sophomore album DaKAR – Da King of Afrikan Rap which was released digitally on the 25th of November 2013 and debut at number 3 on iTunes South Africa Hip-hop/Rap chart, behind Eminem’s Marshall Matthers LPII & Drake’s Nothing Was The Same. Kwesta has continued to received rave reviews from fans and industry insiders.

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  1. All the best my bro. Let us know when you come to Uk. I’m your biggest fan.

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