Kondwani Kaira Better known as Chef 187

Chef 187 was born on the 23rd of May 1986 as Kondwani Alias Kaira in Chingola, Zambia. 

His stage name Chef 187 has diverse meanings. Chef has several translations; to kill, cook, and serve. 187 is the slang term for “murder”, this term is often used by the American police. Despite these literal translations, Kondwani Alias Kaira is the master chef of his music. 

His youthful energy attracts many Zambian youth who look up to his music and the depth of his writings. 

Although from Zambia, his music is characterized by traces of West Coast hip-hop and R&B influences while also cultivating Nyanja, Bemba and English language into his writings. This has continued to level his success as it allowed him to attract a broader Audience and diverse cultures.  

Chef 187: Sinawala

Chef 187: Kuma lila Ngoma

Chef 187 made waves in 2010 when he recorded a diss track with Mack 2 dubbed “2010”. Following this, he released “Heart of a Lion” 16-track debut album which includes hits like “Ndafilwa Ukuichindika”, “Sinawala”, “Kuma lila Ngoma”.

Chef 187: Ndafilwa Ukuichindika

Hip Hop has a revolutional background much different than other music genres. While it contains mass western influence, many African artists such as Chef 187 have transformed hip hop in a way that reflects their stories and history. Hip hop incorporates praise poetry and the art of chanting. This sort of entertainment has always been deeply rooted in many African traditions and cultural rituals before it even reach the Americas during the slave trade. With modernization the western world was able to create contents that are widely celebrated today. 

With his work Chef 187 has touched many young Zambians and has continued to do so through his unique qualities and skills that has allowed him to produce songs that are relevant to the everyday people of Zambia and the neighboring countries. 

 Social Media: 

  1. https://www.instagram.com/chef187kopala/?hl=en 
  2. https://www.facebook.com/chef187Official/ 

Music links: 

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c94FBh4Dby8
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXwLLHlfmwE 
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ue8R0lSA5ZE 


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