Keko in “I am Ugandan,” sheds a light on her intersectional identities

Keko is an artist that is that is not afraid to get real with her sexuality and nationality. She is known in Uganda for going against the hyper sexualized image cultivated by many American female rappers like Nicki Minaj etc. In this music video, she is not wearing tight clothing, but rather sneakers and jeans. Her “tomboy” dressing raises the assumption that she identifies as queer. Keko lives in a country where homosexuality is outlawed, but she does not seem afraid to stand up for herself. By her dress and expression, she sends the message that being gay is not just a “Western” thing. She is one of the few artists that embraces her intersectional identities. She sheds a spotlight on being queer and Ugandan in this music video.

It is evident from this video that her nationality plays a large role in shaping her music. She shows her patriotism for her beloved country, Uganda, throughout this video, hence the title, “I am Ugandan.” This video praises all aspects of her country and she only includes images that shed her country in a positive light. In opposition to the stereotypical war torn image of an African society. In fact, she describes Uganda singing, “Beautiful scenery is all I see …” She is promoting her country and trying to eliminate any negative stereotypes.

This music video primarily focuses on her nationality, however, in her previous video “Cry for help,”, she speaks up for women in Uganda who have experienced domestic violence from their significant other. Keko portrays the strength of a woman in this video by using a low angle shot which allows the viewer to see her as strong and powerful. It is evident that the driving force in Keko’s music is her nationality. Not just Uganda but the entire Continent. She sings, “It doesn’t matter where you come from, the pearl of Africa unites all.”

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