K.Keed Challenges the Competition Through Trap Music

By Shanell Holback

As one of South Africa’s most promising young talents, K.Keed has been impressing fans and critics alike with her attention-captivating freestyle skills. In the visual for “P-ta,” Keed showcases her skill as a freestyle artist while hanging out in different chill locations.

The visual imagery complements the song’s moody, and braggadocious vibe, from areas in the woods, to skate parks and basketball courts, Keed’s performance is captivating and exudes a sense of confidence and authenticity.

“So I was talking to my conscience/She told me I could be the greatest
But ni–as tryna take shots/I told em they targets are aimless
This world make a bi–h dangerous/You’d think that I’m plotting with demons
Spoke to the devil we had an agreement/Hand me a beat and I turn him to pieces”

Without throwing shade at any of the girlies that are confident and cool with being sex symbols, I do appreciate watching the female rappers that display confidence and brag on themselves, their skills, and their swag just as hard as the dudes without sex appeal. Keed, who identifies as queer, often goes toe to toe with male South African artists, and her features tend to win the crowd. This record and video are no different. In fact, Keed directly challenges her male competitors in one of the verses:

I am the voice and these ni–as are echoes/Echo, echo, echo ain’t on my level so wear a stiletto
Dees ni–as got p-ta in their DNA/Coz I smell a bi–h from a while away.”

Overall, the track’s heavy bassline, catchy hook, and aggressive lyrics let it be known Keed plans to continue to put SA trap music on the map!

As an honorary mention, I included this video that has a K.Keed feature verse here:

(I think she went crazy on this one too!)

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