Jay Arc’s Ninkukunda

Jay arc’s “Ninkukunda” is led by its smoothness. The track is very laid back (as is a lot of Jay Arc’s music) and he rides the beat with a similar smoothness and ease. The nature of the song and its smoothness perfectly accents Jay Arc’s lyrics. He himself acknowledges the laid back nature of the track in the description on the YouTube video. In the description of the video he also explains that Ninkukunda is a Runyankole word meaning “I love you.” 

As he waxes and raps about a woman who’s caught his attention, this theme of love clearly appears. He, “reminisces about the first time they met at the pool” and adds a clever reference to Adam and Eve. He compares their potential relationship to those of Jay-Z and Beyoncé and Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys. On the hook Jay arc repeats “Ninkukunda” emphasizing his love for this person. 

As the song progresses, Jay arc’s feelings appear to grow as he gets more explicit about the woman in question. He describes her beauty and explains his ability to bring her fulfilment. His lyrics contend with his feelings and their getting together as a couple and he adds to his Adam and Eve metaphor. The song also features a female vocalist that backs him up on the tracks and adds another layer to the melody. 

The end of the song features Jay arc signing off and acknowledging his producer, Koz N Effekt. As the song finishes, the laid back and catchy hook returns, and the backing vocalist continues singing. Overall the track is relaxed but manages to be sincere. Jay arc balances his smoothness with his obvious love for the women in question in the song. Jay arc has not been as active recently, but he still manages to upload songs to his Youtube page and regular updates to his social media pages. He is one of many artists active in the Ugandan Hip-Hop scene. 

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