~ Imagine Uganda ~ (Recho Rey)

Written by: Nellie Sainvil

Imagine Uganda” is a song made by Uganda’s own Recho Rey. Recho is a singer, rapper, and songwriter who grew up in within the country. After acquiring her musical fame, she sought to create a project where she can share her thoughts on Uganda and its current state. she speaks of her aspirations for the country and all that it can accomplish in her eyes if those within it did their part.

when I say “do their part” I am specifically talking about a lyric in the song in which Recho says, “As a result, we have no choice but to take action, ” referring to the roles that the Ugandan people play in the prosperity of their nation. She speaks of sin, imperfection, and an overall lacking of love. Unlike many of her peers who make music for various reasons, Recho realizes that her platform has an impact on particularly the younger people of Uganda. They are the next generation and the new hope for Uganda’s future. I think it’s very smart of Recho to make music that caters to the adult audiences as well as the young people. It’s also smart that she leave a lot of the song up for interpretation by cutting off some parts of the chorus and verses.

Recho named the song “Imagine Uganda” to instill hope in the hearts of those who see the same problems within Uganda as she can. She tells watchers over and over to imagine their ideal Uganda, but not only that, make it a reality.

Artists like this, in my opinion, will last for a very long time. The song is also very catchy with a good message, it will be a fan favorite for many years to come and I truly believe it will evoke change within Uganda, maybe not right away, but over time.

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