Hipco Artists Collaborate to Expose Troubling Realities Facing Liberians


Hipco artists Luckay Buckay, Takun J, JD Donzo, and Bentman Tha Don demand attention from the president with their genius collaboration in “Pot Not Boiling”, a song that aims several shots at Liberia’s corrupt regime. Each artist speaks on different aspects of the struggle, adding to a raw and collective narrative that resonates deeply with the population. Footages from the “Pot Not Boiling” video highlight the saddening reality of daily life in Liberia. 

The artists expose wide varieties of the plight that are unique to those who dangle helplessly at the bottom of the economic ladder. Issues ranging from youths being kicked out of school because of school fees, unemployment, homelessness and government fraudulence, leave citizens inevitably shackled to their hardships.  

Unfortunately, the Liberian Hipco industry runs on little to money. As a result, artists are blocked by economic barriers that limit their ability to produce quality soundtracks and videos. As we can see, the “Pot Not Boiling” music video lacks the professionalism that US videos and other Afrobeat videos display. Despite this limitation, “Pot Not Boiling” shares a message and visual worthy of attention. The video sets on the grounds of Liberia, in the heart of the suffering, with a depiction of each issue which adds to its authenticity. Although the Hipco artists are wearing American Hip-Hop gear, the video remains true to Liberian culture and shows no trace of imitation.

We must recognize the beauty in this. For me, this is artistry in its purest form. The artists aren’t merely producing lyrics about the struggle, but they are experiencing the struggle as well. Often times, flashy cars and big bills can be a distraction and contradiction to fragile messages of oppression, which is why “Pot Not Boiling” stands perfectly without the gimmicks.

See below for a taste of the lyrical flavor in “Pot Not Boiling”:

Everybody pot boiling, my pot can’t boil

 The only time my pot can boil when a car kill the dog.

The struggle keep killing me, ion even got job.

Poverty is growing high so I gotta speak the fact  

You think i’m talking crap? no i’m talking rap.

The government breaking so the youth is still jerking.

School fees got me sent from school cuz my pot not boiling.

Corruption in the city got me kicking some dust cuz my pot not boiling

Shawdee says she be leaving me tonight cuz my pot not boiling

Landlord say I should leave tomorrow cuz my pot not boiling.

Too much big big talk

And result to negligence

They neglected to build the country

No development

So so embezzlement

Send the money through Ecobank

Building other country’s banks


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