“Grrrl Like”…. this song is FIRE!!

Dope Saint Jude’s “Grrrl Like” Official Music Video on YouTube

Dope Saint Jude is always breaking down barriers and pushing boundaries with her daring lyrics. Her song “Grrrl Like” is nothing short of that! The music video was also just as captivating as the song!

Dope Saint Jude starts the song off with a powerful drum as she steps on the beat with confidence! Her first line is “I’m like my mama, sometimes it’s drama.” Right off the bat she is setting the tone and revealing the message of her song: Always be yourself, and be yourself with confidence and pride! In today’s society, African countries especially, women are still not getting the rights and freedom they deserve. Unfortunately not every woman in this world is able to speak on how they really feel, and some aren’t even free to be who they really are. Dope Saint Jude does a great job of creating music for women to feel not only empowered, but free to project their most raw emotions. Her lyrics in verse one: “All I got is my heart and my pride.

Cash money for the game on the streets. The only way to hustle is to spit on the beats.” She’s letting her fans know that she does NOT play about her craft or her money. She also says “And the hacks in the bus wanna box up my flow, But I don’t give a f*ck I’m the sh*t and I know.” This line right here is classic Saint Jude! She reveals that “hacks in the bus” or what I interpreted to be haters, people in the music industry, or the government have tried to keep her in a box and limit her rhymes- but Saint Jude refuses because she knows how great of a rap star she is! 

I love this song, it most definitely made me more of a Saint Jude fan than when I was before! Also, as I said earlier, the video was just as great. I recommend everybody check out Dope Saint Jude’s music video for “Grrrl Like ” and stream her music as well!!

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